Friday, 22 July – Sunday, 24 July

The Caravan is scheduled, the food is ordered and the DZ is ready for the 1st Annual TurBoogie!

Why TurBoogie? (yeah, other than the turbine aircraft, that would be too easy)

Eddie and Dennis wanted a way to say thank you.  Thank you to the staff, thank you to all the experienced skydivers and a reason to get our skydiving family from all over the country back together.  They figured a big airplane, lots of food and Shenanigans would be the best way.  You build it and they will come!

Interested in a tandem?  We are running a fully operating weekend so schedule your first jump, or bring your friends who always say, “someday.”

The Important Information

No Boogie Registration required—But WAIVER BEFORE YOU SHOW UP (pretty please with sugar on top?)

Schedule Tandems HERE–Waiver and training instructions available in confirmation email.

Food Truck onsite Friday beginning at 2 pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday for breakfast and lunch.

Dinner Provided Friday and Saturday evenings!

On site camping.

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