Instructor Assisted Deployment Student Prices (jump 1 through A-License)

$225 Level 1—Tandem Skydive

$225 Level 2—Tandem Skydive

$260 Level 3—Ground School and First Solo Jump

$100 Level 4- Level 16 (total of $1,300)

  • Repeat of Level 4-Level 16 are also $100 per jump

$75 Jumps 17-20+ (post graduation but prior to obtaining A-License)


Other Costs/Fees

$65 United States Parachute Association Membership (USPA)

  • May be paid at any time during student program
  • Includes subscription to Parachutist Magazine

$30 A-License Fee (USPA)

  • To be paid upon completing student program and 20th jump



Prices subject to change without notice