Here are the down and dirty steps for jumping with us here at Skydive Allegan

Schedule your tandem and pay your $25 deposit

-Check your email for confirmation

-Follow the links in the email to fill out the waiver and watch the training video

-Show up 15 minutes before your scheduled time dressed appropriately

-Bring Cash or credit card to pay the balance of your jump and pay for video/stills if you choose to do so

-Training with our USPA certified and licensed tandem instructors

-SKYDIVE! [attached to our tandem instructor]

-High Fives and mug one last time for the camera

-Collect your jump certificate and choose your free t-shirt

-Grab your flash drive with your video/stills


  • Tandem Skydive     $225
    • $25 scheduling deposit is applied to the cost of your jump
  • Optional Video and Photos
    • $90 Video
    • $90 Photos
    • $160 for both (that is a $20 discount!)

Physical Requirements:

  • -Must be 18 years old with proof of age on the day of the jump
  • -Must weigh 230 pounds or less fully clothed and be height/weight proportionate
  • -Must be able to enter and exit the aircraft safely, sit on floor and maintain a kneeling position/crouched position for exit