“So, what did you do today?”

We highly recommend choosing a video, photos (or both!) of your skydive.  Our tandem instructors capture every part of your skydive from you getting geared up, the plane ride to altitude, your free fall and your canopy landing.


Congratulations to Brittany and Justin who became engaged Aug. 27, 2016


$90 Video:  Video of your experience, professionally edited and ready to view

$90 Photos:  350+ still photos for printing or upload to social media

$160 Video/Still Photo Package (that’s a $20 discount!)



*Although we do our best to capture every moment, Murphy’s Law sometimes applies to even us when it comes to video equipment and batteries in this extreme environment.  We simply ask that you recognize this as a possibility and understand that we will explore a partial or full reimbursement solution as appropriate.