The Drop Zone

  • 4,000 square feet of hanger space
  • Lounge area
  • Indoor, padded floor packing area
  • Designated sport jumper packing area
  • Wheel chair accessible
  • Fully stocked snack and drink machines
  • Facilities available for large groups and corporate functions including catered events
  • We utilize Burble software for manifest
  • We operate Wednesday through Sunday April through October and Monday/Tuesday by appointment
  • We utilize Google Calendar to schedule sport jumping. If you have the people we have the facilities!
  • We typically jump from 11,000 feet AGL
  • We start our season with a USPA Safety Day and end with a Year End Party

Camping / Bunkhouse

  • Bunkhouse, affectionately nicknamed “Little House” has a shower and kitchen as well as sleeping space
  • 15 acres of wooded camping area that can accommodate campers and RV’s
  • We have cook outs, camp fires and movie nights throughout our skydiving season


We maintain two Cessna 182s fully modified for skydiving (these are not simply stock 182s with a jump door and step!)

Our aircraft have been legally modified to carry the added weight associated with skydiving. Without these modifications these aircraft are operated seriously over weight when loaded with pilot, skydivers, skydiving gear, fuel and oil.