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A Small Drop Zone with the Soul of a Big DZ

Would you like to learn skydive solo? Are you interested in doing CRW or learning to become a skydive instructor?

First Time Tandem Skydivers

We offer tandem skydiving as a way to get into the sport. Two tandem jumps are required prior to scheduling your Solo First Jump Course.

Call (269) 998-77447 for more information.

Student Skydivers

Are you interested in jumping solo as a licensed skydiver? After completing your first two tandem skydives, we take you through an intensive First (solo) Jump Course per United States Parachute Association requirements. At the end of the classroom segment, you complete your first solo skydive!

Experienced Skydivers

Hey Licensed Skydivers! We begin the season with Safety Day and finish with our annual Year End Party. In between? We provide rigging, do CRW, Wingsuiting, Hump Day | Jump Day, camping, SIS days, helicopter jumps, Hot Air Balloon jumps & competitions. Ever do a dual aircraft 8-way? 

Join us & find out why the birds sing

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Good Spring to you adventurous souls, Seven years ago when I purchased […]
Skydivers know all too well how unforgiving Mother Nature can be when not given considerable respect. That said I appreciate everyone’s patience, resolve and respect for the sport of skydiving while dealing with the Covid-19 virus.
Update regarding our plans to open for the 2020 Skydiving Season.

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The DZ is located on the east end of Padgham Field in Allegan, Michigan. Look for the east drive with the Skydive Allegan signs.

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740 Grand Street

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