Good Morning skydivers and fellow Michiganders,

I am coming to you with an update on our status at the drop zone as it relates to the Executive Order 2020-59 (Covid-1).


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, I will say that we share the sentiment of all Americans and are growing anxious to get together with friends and family to share love and good times.

Next, we have a responsibility to the community in Allegan that has been so good to us over the years to make decisions that keep their best interest in mind. I have talked with the Allegan City Manager and we have agreed to communicate an opening that makes the best sense for Allegan.

Also, we need to make decisions that will protect our staff and their families. Exposing our skydiving family to illness then sending them home is a nightmare scenario and not an option for this drop zone.

Our customers come from all over Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio, from cities large and small, which puts them, the City of Allegan, our staff and the sport of skydiving at risk. This travel between communities of varying Covid-19 densities is, in my opinion, the largest threat and greatest source of irresponsibility.

Ultimately, the opening of the drop zone will involve a cautious well thought out plan that will last the WHOLE skydiving season and not put us at risk of having to close again.

Right now we are looking to our State and Federal government for guidance. The State and Federal governments are looking to agencies such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), MDHHS (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services), MI Economic Recovery Council (who are implementing the MI Safe Start Plan). We know there are very smart people working around the clock behind the scenes to bring this country back to its feet. We are confident in the decision making of our elected officials and recognize our limitations in making critical medical and scientific determinations that could impact the wellbeing of the community for ourselves.

In closing, please rest assured we are working diligently to open safely, legally and in the best interest of our fellow Americans, skydivers, friends and families.

We will, as always, start our season with a Safety Day and free re-currency training for staff, students and experienced jumpers alike.

In the mean time stay social

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, stay distant, get in shape and practice your emergency procedures so when the doors open we can fly together once again.

Your friend and DZO,




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