Tandem Skydiving

We offer tandem skydiving as a way to get into the sport. Two tandem jumps are required prior to scheduling for the Solo First Jump Course. Call (269) 998-7747 for more information.

Experienced Skydivers

Calling all experienced skydivers, get your flying fix at Skydive Allegan!

We offer:

  • Turbine Weekend Events
  • Full Rigging Loft
  • CRW & Wingsuit events/coaching
  • Rental Gear
  • Freefly/RW organizing
  • Camping and Bunkhouse facilities
  • Indoor Padded Packing
  • Utilize Burble for Manifest
  • Coach, IAD & Strong TI courses
  • Full altitude jumps from 11,000 AGL

More Information

Student Program

Want to become licensed? We have everything you need to go from student to independent. From our instructor assisted Deployment program to our one-on-one coaching, we promise you will get individually focused training. We have rental gear and camping/bunkhouse accommodations.

We are passionate about the sport of skydiving and we aim to share that passion with anyone who jumps with us. To learn more about student programs, click the link below!

Become a Student



Jumping out of perfectly good planes since 2005!

We are thrilled you are considering jumping here at Skydive Allegan. We each make critical choices over the course of a lifetime and once you’ve made the decision to jump from a plane, your choice of drop zones becomes one of them. As someone new to the sport, or an experienced skydiver new to the area, the careful choice of where to jump should be based on a set of factors. As an experienced skydiver, instructor and proud co-owner of Skydive Allegan

I’m proud to say we built our drop zone on the foundations of safety, experience, professionalism and inclusiveness.