Our Staff

A safety first philosophy is the foundation of our business. We foster this culture at Skydive Allegan because our staff members are less like employees and more like family. Each staff member is sent through rigorous training and hold the appropriate certification, license and medical clearance through the FAA, USPA and other appropriate agencies congruent to their position.

All parachute packers are supervised on site by an FAA certified Senior Rigger.

Dropzone Owner & Office Manager

Dennis Bennett

Dropzone Owner, Tandem Instructor, S&TA, Senior Rigger, IAD Instructor

Stacy Lewis

Dropzone Office Manger and the glue that keeps this place together


Kirk Shoemaker

Tandem Instructor, Coach

Chad Kayner

Coach, Tandem Packing Artist

Charity DeRoo

IAD Instructor, Coach

Luke Daly


Kelly Winegar

Tandem Instructor, Lead Student Instructor, Coach, IAD Instructor

David (Bart) Kleibusch

IAD Instructor, Coach


Gerald (Jerry) Marier

Benjamin (Ben) Egan

Robert (Bob) Galler

Henry (Hank) Miller

Support Staff

Emily Bennett

SMUT: Social Media Utilization Technician

Sabrina Eggleston

Tandem Packer

Cassandra LaMacchia


Jason Mainstone

Jack of All Trades