Skydive Allegan has some important announcements for 2019!
1) We now are jumping from 11,000′ feet above ground level a full 1,000′ higher than previous. This will translate to an added roughly 10 seconds of free fall totaling nearly 50 seconds! Don’t fall 😉 for the old trick drop zones use in advertising your jump from one altitude and then taking you from much lower because “you won’t know the difference”. We know the difference and it’s pretty awesome.

2) We have upgraded our cameras for doing tandem video. Previously using GoPro Session cameras for video we are now using the GoPro Hero7 Black. These cameras have much better image stabilization and video quality. Our still photos will continue to be shot from the Session cameras at 8 Megapixels and your video is still professionally edited before you leave the drop zone.

3) We have added a second aircraft to our fleet! N6255A is another early model Cessna 182 that boasts a recently overhauled high horsepower engine, wing tip extensions, STOL kit and a newly padded floor to make this aircraft “properly” and “legally” modified for the rigors of skydiving.
We are constantly working to improve the skydiving experience for first time jumpers, students and experienced jumpers. See you at the Drop Zone …….