Good Spring to you adventurous souls, Seven years ago when I purchased Skydive Allegan my goal […]
Skydivers know all too well how unforgiving Mother Nature can be when not given considerable respect. That said I appreciate everyone’s patience, resolve and respect for the sport of skydiving while dealing with the Covid-19 virus.
Radar Storm
Michigan Weather is Difficult to Predict The weather patterns of the 2019 season continue to be […]
Every off season (November through March) Skydive Allegan sends all of its student and tandem main parachutes to the manufacturer for inspection.
Skydive Allegan has some important announcements for 2019! Why? Because we love skydivers and skydiving.
During the off season the most common question I get about skydiving is “Can you jump […]
For those who don’t know them, I would like to introduce to you the WMU Skydive […]
This Blog post is meant to explain the controversial Use It Or Lose It calendar used […]
Operating a seasonal business in Michigan in a sport that is relatively sensitive to weather is […]
With a little help from Mother Nature and a nice plane from our friends at Chicagoland […]