Good Morning Fellow Skydivers,

I hope this finds you healthy, safe and hopeful for the future.

Skydivers know all too well how unforgiving Mother Nature can be when not given considerable respect. That said I appreciate everyone’s patience, resolve and respect for the sport of skydiving while dealing with the Covid-19 virus. Without knowing with some certainty what the implications of living life like we knew it prior to the outbreak, we felt safer delaying our skydiving season.

My 50+ years on this beautiful rock and 22 years participating in the sport of skydiving (the last ten of which as an instructor, S&TA, DZO and/or parachute rigger) have given me a heightened sense of awareness and a deep respect for the smart people I share this world with. While some of these humans are close , personal and addressed by first name or nickname, others are available through telephone, email, social media and news sources. Knowing when I am in my wheelhouse and when it’s time to rely on and listen to others due to lack of experience and knowledge is essential especially when you are in a business where peoples lives are at risk.

My experience and common sense led me and will continue to aid me in making decisions for Skydive Allegan, its fellow skydivers and the community. I refuse to believe that the information provided to the citizens of this country regarding Covid-19 cases/deaths is being falsified or decisions being made pertaining to shelter in place are politically motivated. I believe that people are good. I will trust the health care workers and publicly elected officials to make the right decisions like many of you have trusted me to keep you safe at the Drop Zone.

Sooo, let’s talk about the 2020 skydiving season. We are making preparation for Safety Day on June 13, 2020.  These preparations encompass some of our Safety Day traditions albeit in a bit different format

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, which will include experienced skydiver refresher training. By the end of the day, we will begin the season safely and in compliance with, not only USPA recommendations, but also within the confines of virus precautions.

We are also making plans for our Student Refresher Course which is scheduled for June 20, 2020. This is free for all returning students who have made at least one IAD jump. Students, mark your calendars. We want to see you all with that “A” stamped on your forehead!

As with every other business in the U.S., some things will look a bit different. What isn’t different, however, is our continued love for our customers, friends and this amazing sport of skydiving.

Blue Skies,




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